Gallery or Slide Show? Harpers Ferry Part 2

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some additional pictures we took at Harpers Ferry last Sunday. It was a delightful autumn day. Very different from today where we have cold temperatures, sleet and even snow! And it is still October! I wonder what kind of winter we will have if we are starting with snow this early in the season?

Learning to blog has been an interesting challenge. There is still so much I need to learn. When looking at my “Dashboard” on WordPress I see lots of items that I don’t even know what they are. The Dashboard is where you control the content of your blog. Like Akismet? What is an akismet? Guess I should look in the on-line dictionary and figure that out.

Anyway, back to some blog decision making… Should I post pictures as a gallery where the viewer sees them rather smallish and can click on each image to view it in a larger size or should I post pictures as a slideshow or even mix it up some? The first pictures of Harpers Ferry are gallery style and these are slideshow style. Let me know which you like best by leaving a comment. Because I am making the blog student friendly, I have to approve all comments before they are posted so don’t worry if they aren’t up there as soon as you submit them.

Readers can also follow the blog by signing up on the far right. You will get an email whenever I post something new. That is probably only an intriguing feature when I will be in Africa and you want to see what is posted soon after it happens instead of when you might remember to come back and visit the blog.


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  1. I prefer the slide show. I can stop it to look at a particular photo if I wish. Is it possible to vary the timing of the setting so that you could read a caption (if you use those)?

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