Should I have wished upon that star?

Last night was a lovely evening.  After a sunny and mild day the night sky was clear as I walked home from a neighbor’s house where we spend most Monday evenings making charity quilts.

Just as I entered my front yard I looked over the roof of my house, which would be west, and saw a beautiful falling star.  I don’t see them often here in Northern Virginia as our sky has a good amount of light pollution so, at first, I doubted my eyes.  I looked around and saw lots of airplanes in the air.  Afterall, we do live only 4 miles from a major airport but I am convinced I really did see a falling star.

Should I have wished upon that star?  Send me a comment with your opinion.  All comments on this blog are moderated, which means I have to approve them first.  Don’t get discouraged if it takes me a while to approve your comment.  As long as it is kid-friendly and appropriate to the post I will approve what you write to me.


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  1. I think I am the oldest person in the world who has never seen a falling star. Whenever I’m with someone and they say “there’s one”, I’m a moment too late to see it. So, yes, I would have wished on this if I had seen it. And my wish would have been to see another!

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