If you have been following since I set up the blog back in October you know that one of my primary goals is to share my upcoming trip to South Africa with my students.   Children study many topics in elementary school including geography.

Bob (Mr. Gibson) is a cartographer and studied geography in college and then earned an advanced degree in cartography.  He is going to South Africa to meet with other geographers and talk about cartography.    They will be working on standardizing mapping so everyone around the world can easily understand anyone else’s maps.

Cartography is the making of maps or charts.  Geography is the science dealing with the earth’s surfaces and the interrealations with other aspects of the world’s surface.  Geographic information is the data that goes into making a map.  You can look up lengthier and more detailed definitions on-line at    Once you understand the meanings of the words cartography and geography you may want to add them to your Daily Five Word Work.


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