The weather in South Africa

I have already told you it is almost summer in South Africa.  Do you think it will be very hot there?

They use a different measure for temperature than we do in the USA.  They use Celsius where we use Fahrenheit to measure the temperature.

In Fahrenheit 32 degrees is considered “freezing” or when water freezes and 212 degrees is considered “boiling” or when water boils.  In Celsius zero is the degree used for freezing and 100 degrees is boiling.  In 1954 some scientists changed this definition, just a little bit, to “standardize” it around the world but for our purposes 0 and 100 work well.  See, standardizing things internationally is always happening in the scientific and geographic communities.  The USA is one of the few countries left that still uses the Fahrenheit measurements.  When I was a teenager the US Government tried to get everyone to change the standards of measurement but Americans did not want to do that.

There is a third way to measure temperature.  Do you know what it is called?  How would you use your computer to find out?  How do you know the computer is giving you the correct information?

I can look at the weather forecast for South Africa and see that the high temperature on Sunday it is supposed to be 31  degrees C. in Centurion, South Africa.  Can you find out how to change that into Fahrenheit?  How hot will it be?

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