Leriba Lodge

We have been at the Leriba Lodge in Centurion South Africa for a day now.  It is a lovely conference center with a lush tropical feel.  They have made an effort here to plant only native species of plants.  The food has been wonderful and the service very customer oriented. 

I spent some of the day wandering around the facility and taking some pictures, mostly of the pretty flowers and some yellow birds who are busy building homes that look like baskets hanging in the trees.  The trees they are building their nest on have very long and mean looking thorns.   Why do you think a bird would choose a tree like that to build a nest?  I am not too great with identifying birds so I will have to look this one up in a bird guide or on the Internet, but I am going to guess that it is some sort of “weaver bird”. 

When I was in 5-7th grades I lived in Hawaii and about 20 years ago I lived in Panama.  Both those places were tropical climates and the grounds here and the plants I am seeing remind me of those other places.  That brings back fond memories.

Tonight I had ostrich meat.  I don’t know why but I was surprised at how tender it was and that it looked like red meat not like chicken.  Tomorrow I am going on a tour of Soweto and The Apartheid Museum.  I have attached a slideshow of some pictures from around the hotel and the yellow bird and it’s nest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Hey, Elizabeth,

    Looks like you are in the middle of the action already: ostrich meat, paradise flowers (you pictures are beautiful), the Apartheid Museum..
    Some piece of me is over there with you. Africa has a special place in my heart.
    Have you seen a market? Are the locals aggressive in their bardering?
    Cameroun was a real battle to go or get anywhere. When I would aprroach a market, I would have 10 or more young kids trying to be the “carrier” of my groceries. Another bunch would fly around me to try to sell me small items like “bitacola”. “Bitacola” means Bitter Cola Nut of some kind. It holds its name because it is extremely bitter. Africans like to chew on those.
    To get back to the market, I would do my shopping having to barder the whole time and I would come home wiped out because of the battle it was just to get a few avocadoes and pineapples.
    Have you gotten some fruit over there? What kind of season is it right now? I would imagine that it might be warm.
    OK, I am descending for the evening.



    • Annyck-I haven’t had that experience yet but I don’t anticipate that type of “grocery shopping” until at least next week. This first week is all hotel living with a 5 star restaurant. It is the beginning of summer and at breakfast the fruit has been wonderful, especially the grapes, pineapple, and mango.
      Sue-We do have all the camera equipment we own including the new large lens. Keep your fingers crossed that we get a good photo or two.

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