Rhinos and Lions, oh my!

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On the way to the Sterkfontein Caves we stopped at a Rhino and Lion park.  This is a family owned reserve which funds itself by breeding white lions in captivity.  A white lion has a light skin and fur color and would not be able to survive in the wild because it would not camouflage itself in the bush country.  We saw many different animals while at this park from interesting birds to Rhinos, which are endangered, to the white lions themselves.  All the large animals are in the natural environment but they do not have to hunt for their food.  Some of the bird photos were wild birds and some were in an enclosed area.

Here are some photos I took, they come directly from the camera, I did not crop or change them in any way.  When around wild animals you must stay in the car, so they are taken through the rolled down car window but, yes, I am really as close to them as it seems.

Tonight is our last evening with wifi.  Tomorrow we are off to Kruger National Park.


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  1. I love the slide show, Elizabeth! WOW- at first I thought those were pictures from National Geographic or something. I couldn’t believe you actually were that close to these wild animals! So amazing. Your blog is great. Very instructive and informative. I know your students and other people like me will love reading it.
    I think the cranes are especially beautiful. I enjoy spotting the blue crane here in VA. They are so pretty with their silvery blue hue. Thank you for sharing with us. I will continue to read and comment on your blog, Elizabeth!

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