The cradle of humankind

Bone fragment in the rock at Sterkfontein Caves, South Africa

Thursday was a day devoted to exploring “the cradle of humankind”.  This is an area of South Africa in Gauteng Province where it is thought that the first humanoids walked the earth.  Several very important and famous fossils dating back millions of years have been found in this area. 

I felt privileged today to go 60 meters (how many feet is that?) underground in a limestone cave where they are 96% done excavating a full skeleton after 14 years of drilling it from the rock with tiny dental tools.  This fossil is known as “Little Foot”.  The discovery of Little Foot may well change the time line of when scientists think man started to walk on the earth.

Here is a bit more information about Sterkfontein Caves where the famous fossils Mrs. Ples and Littlefoot were discovered.


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