getting over jet lag and the altitude

The first few days of an international trip are always hard because your body is adjusting to a time difference.  South Africa is 8 hours ahead of Virginia.  They do not have a Daylight Savings Time like we do in the USA, but keep the same time all year long.

The first few days I was here I kept feeling dizzy and thought it was jet lag.  I would try to sit and read a book and when I felt dizzy I would lie down in bed until the dizzy feeling went away.   Then I found out that we are 4,500 feet above sea level.  That is called the altitude.  Maybe that is the real reason I was feeling so dizzy.  After the first two days I developed a regular night time sleep schedule and was not feeling so light headed anymore.

Tomorrow we leave Kruger National Park for the trip back to the airport.  I am sad to go because this has truly been the trip of a lifetime.  I look forward to continuing with the blog and telling you all about the trip and the amazing wild animals I have seen.

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