Kruger National Park

South Africa has a National Park system with parks in different areas of their country.  Mr. Gibson and I spent almost a week visiting one park called Kruger. We rented a car with a GPS system at the Johannesburg Airport and drove about 6 hours north to begin at Punda Maria, the name for one of the entry gates at the northern portion of the park, and traveled south through the week.  Kruger is a very large park, almost 2 million hectares (can you tell me how big 1 hectar is)?  How about relating the size of a hectar or Kruger Park to something we can use to compare it with, like the size of some other place like a country or a town, county or state within the USA? You can tell me in person or you can leave your answer or guess in the comment section of this blog post. 

Kruger is in the eastern portion of the nation along the border with another country named Mozambique. The two countries have taken down border fences because Mozambique also has a large park that abuts Kruger Park.  This means that now the animals can roam a larger territory .

The South African park system has a very nice web site with a portion of it dedicated to Kruger.   The URL (what does URL mean)? for the park is


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