The journey to Kruger begins

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     I told you a little bit about Kruger National Park, now let me tell you about the trip to get there.  It took all day to drive that far north.  Ever since South Africa hosted The World Cup (an international soccer tournament) last year they put a lot of money into improving their roads, their railway, and other parts of their infrastructure, that makes getting there much easier.
     After picking up a rental car, with a GPS, we headed north on the N1 highway.  N stands for National and these roads are comparable to our Interstate highway system.  It is a toll road and was built by a company in another country.  That company gets to keep the toll money in exchange for South Africa getting a road.  We had to pay a toll about 6 times during our trip.  The most expensive toll was 40 Rand or about $5.00 and the least expensive was 8 Rand or about $1.00.
     Driving north we passed many things that were similar to a drive in the USA and many things that were different.  As you look at the pictures see if you can make any connections or comparisons about things that were similar and things that were different?

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