5 AM and we are on The Mahonie Loop

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As you know, we were very excited to be in the wilds of Africa. The morning of our first full day in the park, we got up at 4:30 AM and piled into our rental car, a Honda Civic, and were out the Punda Maria camp into the park by 5 AM.  After consulting our map we decided to take a dirt road which looped around the hill the camp was on.  It was 25 kilometers on the dirt road.  Can you tell me how far that was in miles?  It took us 4 hours to finish the loop.  How fast did we travel in kilometers?  in miles?  The loop road was named The Mahonie Loop.

From everything we had read we thought we would not see many large wild animals around Punda Maria.  It is an area with more trees and is also hilly.  Most of the literature talks about how it is a birding paradise.  Many of the birds who spend the summer in European countries spend the winter in this part of Africa and bird watchers come from all over the world to see and identify species of birds new to them.  Most bird watchers keep a list of all the birds they have seen.

Well, we did see many birds but we were also happy to see many wild animals, mammals, reptiles and even insects on this drive.  I think it was my favorite drive in the entire park.  When we returned to camp we went up to the restaurant for a big breakfast.

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