Does time fly?

I have often heard people say that “time flies” or “time has flown by”.  In reflecting on the year 2011 I would have to agree.  It seems like this particular year went by quite quickly.  Why is it that some years seem to go by faster than others?  Does time speed up on us as we get older?  Or is it because we aren’t physically growing that it seems to go by more quickly?  (I hope we are all still mentally growing).  It seems like just last week that I was leaving for a Christmas cruise to the Carribean-oh yeah, I was… silly me.  And it is hard to believe that I have been back from South Africa for almost 5 weeks.  It is still so fresh to me, but perhaps you were getting tired of reading about Africa so I laid back for Christmas week without Internet service and didn’t schedule a blog post.  I will resume the South Africa trip and probably sprinkle in a few other topics as well in the new year.  I hope that 2012 goes by at the pace each and every one of you wish.

in the US Virgin Islands

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  1. I think that the old saying “Time flies when you are having fun” is true. Maybe a more accurate thing to say would be “Time flies when you are involved in something you enjoy”. So when there is a year filled with great times, like you have had, they tend to cancel out the momentary difficulties and….whoosh! It’s time to start another year!

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