Thermofax Screen Printing

Last summer my friend Sue   and I bought a Thermofax machine.   A thermofax is old technology used to make transparencies in schools about 20 years ago.  It burned the image into the clear plastic.  Now if you need a transparency you can burn one on a copy machine.  At my school we no longer use an overhead projector but instead use digital images and a LCD projector.  Technology moves so fast that the thermofax is outdated by several other methods.

A thermofax machine is able to burn an image into a fine screen which you can then use to push paint through and on to fabric, paper, canvas, etc.  The original image must have carbon so you either have to run the image through a copy machine that uses carbon in the toner or draw one yourself using a pencil or pen that contains carbon.

In March Sue and I are teaching a class for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters in Annandale.  I will be posting some class samples on the blog for the potential students to view.  Here is one background of a piece of hand-dyed pink using three different screens.  It also has some additional texture added in with the same paint and a different technique.

Sample for VCQ class

Thermafax screen printed background


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