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Animals are experts at camouflaging themselves.  It was surprising that even when you were physically close to some animals how they blended right in with their surroundings.  And I mean big animals like elephants, zebras, and even lions as well as the small reptiles we saw such as the lizards.  Camouflage is how they hide from their predators and survive in an environment like the African savannah.  I am sure we missed some animal sightings because the animals blended right in with the environment.  The ostriches we saw in the burnt savannah are one example , we almost missed them even though there was not thick bush around.  The stripes on zebras are effective camouflage as is the color of an elephant’s hide.  It was surprising to be viewing an elephant and see him take a few steps behind some bushes, small by comparison to his size, and yet so completely disappear to the human eye.  How could something that big hide so easily?


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