When a flat tire can be a big deal

We felt very lucky that we noticed our flat tire before we left the camp gates.

If you have car trouble or a flat tire out in the park it is a big deal because you can not exit your car to see what is wrong.  Too many wild animals that are not accustomed to people and who would just as soon eat you for lunch.

So, when we came back to the parking lot after lunch at Olifants and saw that our front right tire was very low on air we were very glad we were still in a camp and only a few hundred meters (they use the metric system in South Africa) from the petrol station (petrol is what they call gas).  We drove immediately to the station where two very helpful, kind and nice attendants unloaded all the luggage in the car to find the jack.  Jacked up the car to spin the tire and using sudsy water found a screw which had punctured the tire.  For the equivilent of just a few dollars they plugged the tire, filled us up with air, helped replace the luggage and we were all set to go.  The entire trouble took only about 30 minutes to fix.  If it had happened outside the camp it might have been an all day trouble involving sending for help by passing notes to other cars headed toward a camp, waiting for a repair vehicle, a tow back to camp and then the fix.


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