An early morning drive…

When we registered at Letaba on Monday night we booked an early morning tour for the next day.  We had to be at the registration site at 4:15 AM!  When we arrived it was the two of us and a 3 generation family of 5.  It was raining and the tour guide told us that often animals, like people, stay hidden where they feel warm and dry when it is raining and so we may not see much.  We all decided that we would take a chance and go out anyway.  He went to get some blankets to wipe off the water from the seats.  That turned out to be a very good decision.

It turned out to be a cold and windy drive in the open sided camp vehicle.  Bob and I sat up right behind the driver which we hoped would block some of the wind.  I was glad I had brought the light fleece jacket I packed to have on the airplane as well as a rain poncho.  By the end of the drive we were tightly wrapped in the blanket with it up around our ears because the wind felt so cold and the dampness added to the unpleasant feeling.  Bob manned the spotlight spotting it on the bush looking for animals (reflecting eyes) until the sun came up enough not to need it.  This was our best sighting of hyena on the trip.

Here are a few photos of the morning drive.

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