Masorini Historic Site

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We had arrived at Letaba the night before after our all day drive from Punda Maria.  After our early morning safari drive, breakfast and a walk along the perimeter fence inside the camp we decided to drive west toward the Phalaborwa gate in our rental car.  When we left the sky was giving us a drizzly rain, as this was the beginning of spring it was a welcome rain for the animals.  We decided to not allow a light rain to stop us from going out and seeing the park and decided to head to the Masorini Historic Site.

The Masorini Historic Site is where the remnants of an ancient village stands.  The village is on the side of one of the cone shaped hills that pop up around this area of South Africa.  These hills fascinated me as they just seem to come out of nowhere.  The also typically have large boulders hanging on the sides of their conical shape.  Every time I would see one I could envision the Disney movie “The Lion King” and see Mufasa holding Simba up so all the animals in the kingdom could see the new born prince.

Iron smelting is how the inhabitants of this village made a living along with hunting and foraging.  The site had a nice guide who explained the process to us along with showing us the various parts of the recreated village and what they were used for.  The guide was surprised when we took him up on his offer to walk up the mountain to the huts at the top and to see the view.  He said most tourists were too lazy to take this walk.  Since we were the only ones there and it was only a light sprinkle we thought, “why not”?  I am so glad we did as the view was very engaging.


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