Because Kruger is in the southern hemisphere it was just beginning to be summer time when we were there.  The temperatures were in the 70s and 80s, the sun was high in the sky and it was beginning to rain so the vegetation was starting to green up and fill in.

Many of the birds who live in Europe migrate to southern Africa for the winter and Kruger park’s topography and vegetation attract many species to the area.  While we are not knowledgable bird watchers we tried very hard to pay attention to the birds we saw and to photograph them as we drove through the park and visited camps and picnic grounds.  There certainly were lots of large animals and mammals to take pictures of but we also wanted to be sure we did not leave out the smaller animals and especially the birds.

We ended up with hundreds of photos of birds and were able to identify (thanks to some guide books) over 30 different birds from small bee eaters to raptures like the African Fish Eagle.  We saw amazing large birds like ostrich, herron, and storks also.   Over the next few posting I will share some of the best of our bird sightings.  Here are two photos of a Comb Duck also called a Knobbilled Duck.

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