May 1- 50th anniversary celebration

Tuesday was the elementary school’s 50th anniversary celebration.  It was a nice night seeing friends who have retired since I arrived at this school only 5 years ago.  Many teachers from much further back as well as alumni were also present.  I know they were happy to see each other.  We had a reception complete with a display of all the class rosters from the past 50 years and most of the yearbooks and class pictures.  It was fun to see how people and styles (as well as the building) have changed over the years.  The Superintendent of Schools, the Cluster One Director and his assistant, and our School Board representative were also there as well as our VA General Assembly representative, mayor and town council woman.  One graduate from each decade spoke and they all had interesting stories to share.  I was especially proud of eighth grader, Jacob Reeves, who facilitated the celebration mural in the hallway.  I could see the growth he has made since he left our halls two years ago and am really proud of the challenges he has undertaken.  It was a nice night with friends young and older, new friends and old friends too.


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