Young Scholars’ Field Trip

I work with a group of second grade students who are amazing.  They are called Young Scholars; kids with lots of academic potential.  This year the group had only one girl 😦 and ten boys 🙂 but they gave themselves a fun name and each week we worked on our math strategy skills.

As a culminating experience Mr. Gibson and I bought each of them a small robot which you create from the head of a toothbrush.  It is called a bristle bot. (  Then, Ms. Bryant, our guidance counselor, two parents and I walked with the kids to Herndon High School to meet up with Mr. Ence’s Engineering Physics class.  Once there, the high school kids helped the second graders assemble their robot and we watched the high schoolers give two presentations about what they think some technology items might look like when the 2nd graders are seniors in high school.

The high school students were great with the little kids and the second graders had a great time going on our walking field trip.  I think they will remember it for a long time.  Maybe when they get to high school they will join the robotics team?


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