The sea coast of New Hampshire

I am not a beach person.  I see nothing interesting in sitting in hot sand and sweating in the heat.  Still, I do love the ocean, so I would say I am an ocean person.  I like to walk along the ocean and I like to be in the water, so long as it isn’t too cold, and I enjoy the smell of the sea and the breeze coming off the salt water.  I lived in Hawaii as a child and in Panama as an adult and I like to visit the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, especially St. John in the US Virgin Islands where my husband and I went for our honeymoon.  I just don’t want to try to seek out shade and read a book while roasting and toasting myself on a towel at a sandy beach looking at loads of salt water all while I wish I had some drinkable cold fresh water.  I know some people like to do this but I am not one of them.

Small patches of sand build up amongst rocks

On Monday, July 23 I traveled along the sea coast of New Hampshire; which isn’t very long as most of this beautiful state is inland.  The route, 1A, meanders along the coastline and opens to many pretty vistas of the ocean and their beach.  Unlike a beach in the mid-Atlantic states, the beaches in New England tend to be made more of rock than of sand and the sand they do have is not pretty and white but tones of beige and grey.  It was a warm day so plenty of New Englanders were spending their day at the beach.  I thought my readers might get a kick out of seeing how hardy New Hampshire children “play” at the beach!

Kids playing on the beach in New Hampshire


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  1. Spent 2 hours on beach last night playing Frisbee with our dog, what a beautiful evening walk it was. In my late teens early 20’s I was one of those girls spread out on a large rick baking in the SUN 🙂

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