He (or she) is back!

I’m not sure if our visiting black bear is a he or a she but it came back this morning.  I first saw it out back when I opened the door and walked onto the deck.  I heard something that sounded larger than your average squirrel, chipmunk or bird, which are frequently around our house. It was the crack of a stick and then I saw a large bush on the other side of the dirt road swaying.  My car was in the way so I couldn’t get a really good view.  Two more steps and I could see the bear sitting and looking at me so I retreated into the house, saying “yep, it’s a bear”. Often when I walk out that door I speak loudly into the air “if there are any bears out there, go away, I am coming out”!  I don’t really expect to run into one so it was a surprise when I did.

Can you spot the black bear looking at me from the other side of the dirt road?

About ten minutes later I spotted him again out front near a blueberry bush which hangs over the water.  Eventually he wandered out of the bushes so I could get a good photo of him.  I took the picture from inside the house through a glass window.

Maybe he just wanted to borrow a kayak?

Right before he ran away to the next door neighbor’s yard. How big do you think he is? As in, how much does he weigh?


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