The Libby Museum

The Libby Museum at Winter Harbor on Lake Winnipesaukee is owned by of the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  The museum, is celebrating their 100 anniversary this year.  When my own two boys were small they spent many years enrolled in nature programs at “The Libby”, as it is affectionately known.

One Wednesday this summer, my mother and I stopped by and they happened to have a program with three live animals led by the naturalists from the Squam Lake Science Center.  They had a Sharp Shined Hawk, a box turtle and a real live beaver!

I learned that box turtles have a large habitat of about 100 acres and that they know all about the food sources in their personal habitat as they are very territorial.  If you remove them from this habitat to captivity and then go to release them later and do not release them in the same spot where you got them from they will not survive.  Southern New Hampshire is the only part of the state where you find box turtles which explains why we don’t see them up at Lake Winnipesaukee.  Hawks have very light skeletons with holes in the bone so they can fly fast and beavers have a peculiar odor!

Most of the animals at the museum are stuffed.  Not cute little sewn from fabric animals, but taxidermied animals, which means they once were alive and after they died the skin, fur and hair were preserved.  After removing the organs the animals were stuffed to make them look real again.  Here are some photos of the live animals from the science center visiting The Libby Museum.

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