Another week at “The Libby”

The sharp shinned hawk, front facing view

The sharp shinned hawk, rear facing view

The week after mom and I discovered the weekly animal shows at the Libby Museum, my son and husband were visiting and so we made a point of going to the presentation by the science center. This week they had three animals, all birds, a different Sharp Shined Hawk, a Saw Whet owl and a Falcon.  The owl was very tiny and very cute!  When my son was a young boy he aspired to be a falconer and seeing the falcon reminded him of that goal again.

All the animals at the Squam Lake Science Center are there because they have been orphaned or injured and could not be returned to the wild.  The falcon was brought in with a broken wing and you can see that his wing droops a bit lower than the other wing.  He either was hit by a car or ran into a power line, they aren’t sure which.


The animal handler had a great visual of the owl’s eyes.  If we humans were to have eyesight as good as that of this little owl our eyes would have to be this big!

Not much space left on our faces if we humans had eyes this big!

This is how the talons of a raptor close in around the prey.


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