Snow day

Today was a snow day here in Northern Virginia so I got the day off of school where I work.  We were supposed to get walloped with over a foot but it turned out to only be about 5 inches of very wet and heavy snow.  The daylight hours were above freezing so even though it came down fairly constantly it compacted and didn’t seem like we had as much as we probably did get or would have gotten had it been a drier snow.

This was our first big snow in two years so I decided it was time to create some more snow dyed fabric to add to my quilting stash.  I put a few yards of white fabric in soda ash to soak and mixed up some green and blue dyes.  I was thinking it would be nice to make something that looked like water for some underwater animals I want to applique.

Snow dyeing is a lot like making a giant snow cone.  In the bathtub I put a big plastic bin and on the rim I place a wooden frame with a piece of screen stretched over it.  Next comes the soaked fabric all bunched up and then an entire bucket of snow packed on top of the fabric.  On top of the snow I pour the mixed dye.  As the dye melts through the snow it hits the fabric at different rates and gives a tie dyed effect to the fabric.  It is a lot of fun because the results are so serendipitous.

After about 24 hours or long enough for the fabric to warm up (dye sets better in warmer temperatures) I rinse out the fabric until the dye no longer bleeds out and then wash it with some fixative in the washing machine and put it in the dryer.  I love taking it out of the dryer to iron the wrinkles out and see the final product.

blue and green dye

blue and green dye

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