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The new lens

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We bought a new telephoto lens for the Nikon camera. Hopefully, this will allow us to bring you better pictures than we otherwise were able to take. Last night we went back to Algonkian Park so Bob could practice. This lens makes the camera unit so heavy that I don’t think my hands are big enough to handle it. I will stick with my little point and shoot camera for now.


Posting from an iPad

Since I Plan to take my iPad instead of my computer to South Africa, today I will give a try at posting from my iPad. Let’s see if I can successfully upload a photo of the Potomac, taken with the iPad?


camera test

Bob and I went to the photo store today to check out camera bags, Scandisc cards and a telephoto lens for our “best” camera.  We were considering renting a telephoto lens for the Nikon D70 and wanted to see it in person.  We decided to think about buying one instead but will give that large purchase a few days of think-time.  After, we went to Algonkian Park to test out our little point and shoot cameras and become acquainted with their setttings.  For this blog post I am testing out what it looks like to upload two photos to the page instead of one.