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The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative, AAQI, is a group of quilts called “Priority Quilts” because they have to be able to be mailed in a priority sized/priced envelope from the US Post Office.  Each month hundreds of these small quilts are send to the founder of the project, Ami Simms, who is a nationally known quilter/humorist.  She and a group of volunteers sort and price the quilts choosing a few dozen to go up for an auction which is always the first ten days of the month.  (Be sure to click on the link for the auction, they have some spectacular quilts this month). The remainder go up for sale at their web site.

ALL the money, 100%, goes directly to research on the disease known as “Alzheimers”.

Back in June I had a quilt which was sold for this benefit.  It was one I made and submitted to the quilt guild, “Virginia Consortium of Quilters” of which I am a member.  My mother belongs to the “Gulf States Quilt Association” which also collected priority quilts and sent them to the AAQI.   She made two quilts which are for sale on the web site this month.  Here are two photos of her donations.  They are each about 6.5 inch square.


Printing with a Thermofax screen – class for VCQ

My photography class is over and I am on to other ventures in the next week.  Saturday I will be teaching, along with my friend Sue  http://threadfiberfabricpaint.blogspot.com/  , at the Virginia Consortium of Quilter’s  http://www.vcq.org/  March meeting.

I am very excited for this day to happen.  We have screens from Lynn Krawcyzk, Marcy Tilton, Lyric Kinard, JandiDesigns, and Fiber on a Whim.  We have made some of our own too, from photos we have taken, and each student will go home with a small screen which they will learn to edge with duct tape.  Our students will be able to begin a design for a quilt to submit to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative http://www.alzquilts.org/  These quilts will be collected and donated at the April VCQ Celebration Weekend at Smith Mountain Lake.






VCQ newsletter visitors

The Virginia Consortium of Quilters newsletter has been posted listing the courses being offered for the March 10 workshop in Annandale  http://www.vcq.org/newsletter/01-2012-newsletter.pdf  .  My samples for the course Sue and I are teaching are in blog posts dated Jan 22 and Jan 15.  You can click on these dates in the calendar on the right or you can scroll down to those dates using the scroll bar.

Sue’s samples can be found on her blog  http://threadfiberfabricpaint.blogspot.com/

Fused flowers on the pieced screened background.

Screenprinting samples for VCQ

Because the newsletter with the March 10, 2012 class for VCQ is coming out shortly I am putting up some samples for VCQ members to see.  My friend and co-teacher, Sue Price, also has some samples on her blog at “Thread, Fiber, Fabric, Paint”  http://threadfiberfabricpaint.blogspot.com/

I like using fabrics which already have some texture to them before I screenprint.  Here I have a sample which was painted with sun sensitive paints and then printed and another which was hand dyed and a third which was hand dyed and then some “deconstructed” screen printing was added before the screen printing was added.  The flowers and the leaves are quilting stencils which look and print just like a thermofax screen.  They are meant to mark quilting lines by using a pounce chalk product.  Other screens used in these samples are by Lyric Kinard and Plaid Enterprises.

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