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Mosquitos and Malaria

Note:  Some words in this post are bolded which means they are darker than other words.  Do you know what these words mean?  Can you use clues from the other words in the sentence or in sentences around those words to help you figure out the meaning?  How else could you find out the meaning of these words?

Since South Africa is very hot, they have mosquitos there.  In some places in the world mosquitos carry diseases which can make people sick.

The first week we will be in South Africa we are in an urban and suburban type of area; it is called Centurion and is between two cities called Pretoria and Johannesburg.  Urban means in a city. What do you think it means when we add the prefix “sub” to the word urban?  What is another name of the countryside where people farm?  What do we call places where wild animals outnumber the people?

In the city we are outside of or not in a zone where malaria is common.  However, the second week we are in South Africa we will be driving east toward Kruger National Park.  Kruger is in a malaria zone because there are lots of mosquitos there.  Mosquitos mostly come out at dawn and dusk so at those two times of day it is important to protect yourself from being bitten.  We have been advised to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts and only change to shorts and teeshirts in the middle of the day.

We also sprayed our clothing with a special mosquito repellent.  This repellent is stronger than bug spray that you might put on your skin.  We had to buy two bottles of it at a store that specializes in selling clothes and gear to people who camp and spend a lot of time outdoors.  It is called Permethrin.

Two days before we drive to Kruger we start some medicine to help provent us from getting malaria if we get bit by a mosquito that is a carrier.  We are also going to take some Vitamin B1 with us, it is called Thiamine.  Some recent research shows it may help too.  We have taken these precautions and I share them with you so you know we will be as safe as we can be in the malaria zone of South Africa.

I also had to get some shots to go to Africa.  I don’t like shots much, do you?